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Our vision statement reflects the values and principals that we hold true to our hearts here at Benchmark. No fluff, No hype, just a group of quality people doing our absolute best for our clients. Every day.

As a company, we will consistently deliver 110% of our client’s expectations in every real estate transaction, thereby adding true value to every relationship.
As our name defines, our performance will become the standard by which all other brokerages are measured.

As our Faith requires, we will be guided by Christian principles in every decision. Honesty, Integrity, Fairness, and strength of Character will be our guideposts.
As our family deserves, we will allocate the appropriate attention to our personal lives in order to receive the support we need in our professional endeavors.
While maintaining these guiding ideals, Benchmark Realty will become the primary market force in residential real estate within the Greater Nashville area, beginning with Williamson County.


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2500 21st Ave S, Nashville, TN 37212 | (615) 432.2919

Phone Number: +615.973.7657
Landline Number : +615.432.2919
Email : Andrew@AndrewBuckwalter.com

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