000 MCRE Andrew Buckwalter Introduction


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000 MCRE Andrew Buckwalter Introduction

Welcome to Music City Real Estate, where real estate meets music! In the Andrew Buckwalter Introduction episode, your host Andrew Buckwalter talks with Jaime Jay and Mark Haffner about this excitingly unique show.

Andrew will take you around Nashville, Tennessee to discover the best real estate you want to know about. You’ll hear advices from experts, find the best deals, and meet talented musicians. Be on the lookout for more!

How It All Started

Andrew is in the real estate industry. He focuses primarily on areas within and around Nashville. He loves how his career enables him to meet and help new people.

Music will always be a part of him. In life, he always strives to prioritize and keep things in balance. He also enjoys giving back to the community and doing local mission.

Real estate, music, balance, and outreach—those are the 4 things that inspired him to start this podcast.

Things to Look Out For

Andrew has a mobile recording studio—a red trailer truck that will be roving around town. He will be talking about real estate with local folks in Nashville.

“This is a definite first in my opinion, seeing what has transpired.” -Jaime Jay

Not only that, he will also bring in musicians and performers. The concept is totally new. Consider real estate, explore new talents, and have fun.

Pieces of Motivation

Two books motivated Andrew in his mission. The first one is Love Does by Bob Goff. It drove him to pursue real estate and make an impact.

The other is Take the Stairs by Rory Vaden. Through it, Andrew heard about Aaron Walker’s testimony about having a life of significance.

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Music City Real Estate airs every Thursday at 4AM cst. We’re also available on iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker, and Google Play. Catch Andrew in his red trailer truck, and join him as he explores real estate and music. Hope you enjoyed the Andrew Buckwalter Introduction.

Andrew is also available for your inquiries on real estate. You can visit his website at AndrewBuckwalter.com.

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