004 MCRE Home Warranty to Protect Your Investment with Some Great Acoustic Music


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004 MCRE Home Warranty to Protect Your Investment with Some Great Acoustic Music

Andrew Buckwalter interviews Emily Daniel with Choice Home Warranty and musical guest Stephen Day in The Rambler Studio in the Nashville area. Learn why a Home Warranty is important to protect your investment and how Stephen Day is making a start in Music City.

Stephen opens the show with the song titled “If You Were the Rain”.

Guest #1: Emily Daniel

Emily has been in the real estate industry for some time. She discusses that having a local representative is important. You would want someone to help you well with your concerns.

“The whole thing about warranty is setting the right expectation.” -Emily Daniel

Many times home owners think that a home warranty can fix something in a day. While it is the least expensive, a home warranty is also not the fastest.

Resolving Issues with a Home Warranty

Warranties don’t always take too long to be processed. Very often with them at Choice Home Warranty, they do things the same day. They strive to provide a solution within 10 minutes.

“If it’s something that is not covered by the warranty, if you know that that day, it’s way better than knowing that a week later.” -Emily Daniel

It is very helpful when vendors call in a problem. Make sure to tune in to the entire episode for more about what Emily has to say.

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Guest #2: Stephen Day

Stephen hails from Georgia. He started into music during 7th grade. He learned to play the guitar from his mother, and had two other coaches for music.

“Just go get them.” -Stephen Day

He also writes songs, and is a big John Mayer fan. He enjoys learning from Adam Stone and a few others as well. At present, he is looking forward to doing live bands.

Listen to Stephen sing and play the guitar.

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