005 MCRE Andrew Buckwalter Interviews Rikki Harris of TN Voices for Children


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005 MCRE Andrew Buckwalter Interviews Rikki Harris of TN Voices for Children

Andrew Buckwalter interviews Rikki Harris of TN Voices for Children

On today’s episode, Andrew Buckwalter introduces the first non-profit he will partner with in Real Estate. Rikki Harris is the CEO of Tennessee Voices for Children, and they are doing some amazing things with their programs as the organization is providing best practice in advocacy and services for the emotional and behavioral well-being of children and their families in the state of Tennessee.

TN Voices for Children’s Mission

The story of Tennessee Voices for Children started way back in 1986. Around that time, Tipper Gore saw the importance of meeting the mental health needs of children.

Her son got into an accident and received support from the community. But her friend’s daughter, who was that time suffering from a bipolar disorder experienced the opposite.

“The needs are growing and the identification of the need is not happening.” -Rikki Harris

That was when Tipper started a coalition to help meet the mental health needs of children. Years later it became known as Tennessee Voices for Children.

Rikki shares how so much work is yet to be fulfilled. More and more young people are suffering in their mental health but there isn’t enough support. They are not getting the help they need.

Programs For and With the Community

TN Voices for Children conducts programs to help the young people. They work with other nonprofits as well. According to Rikki, they intend to resource families.

“In some capacity, we touch every single county with our service.” -Rikki Harris

They serve all 95 counties of Tennessee. The largest service they have is the statewide family support network. Families or suffering individuals can reach out to them to help them get started in obtaining support.

They also partner with schools. Most schools are happy to work with them but sometimes challenges exist.

Youth Life-Saving Program

All the programs conducted by TN Voices for Children are community-based. The deliver their services to homes, schools, churches, and anywhere else where their clients live.

“Our goal is to find out what needs are unmet and then resource them into some ways to meet those needs.” -Rikki Harris

In one of their programs, they visit schools and provide screening to the young people. They gather information about their mental health needs.

They hope to expand to help more young people. In their program, they find that there is at least one and even more who admit that they are thinking about suicide. What they do at TN Voices for Children is definitely life-saving.

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